Striking Sapphire

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If you are looking for an extraordinary gemstone, look no further than the sapphire, this September’s birthstone. A gem that gave the color blue its royal status.
Even though you can find sapphires in all the rainbow colors, all the fame goes to the blue ones. That striking color will mesmerize your audience. 

One of my all-time favorite gems; when you highlight its beauty in a very simple ring design, it instantly adds elegance and sophistication to your outfit. 

The sapphire can be the perfect choice for an unusual engagement ring. We have seen the Duchess of Cambridge beautifully wear hers, the same one that was worn by Princess Diana.

Last fall, the most fascinating sapphire ever to be found was discovered in Sri Lanka. The Star of Adam, a sapphire so immense it weighs 1,404 carats, and its estimated value is $300 million dollars. Can you imagine that!