Everchanging Opal

When you can see all the rainbow colors in one tiny piece of gemstone, you are holding in your hand an Opal, our star gem of this month.

A beautiful stone that embodies all the virtues of all the gems. Its name comes from the Greek Word, “opalus”, which means to see change in color.   

From the golden yellow of the topaz to the deep blue of the sapphire, to the beautiful shining purple of the amethyst, all these colors magically shine together and sparkle in the Opal. This play of color comes from its ability to diffract light.


The opal is believed to allow its beholder to find true love and cure depression. Legend says that the opal falls from heaven in flashes of lightning. For those looking for a big flattering piece of jewelry, adding an opal to an earring, or a necklace gives a beautiful touch.