A couple of years ago, a friend of mine asked me to design a piece of jewelry for two twin sisters, Aurelia & Estelle.

soir daouI thought long and hard of a design that captured the unbreakable bond of being a twin. And then, it hit me. The combination of their names, literally meaning gold and star, echoes with a unique plant that only grows in the southern coast of California: the Golden Star. I remember sketching star-shaped flowers, and finally getting to this:





I waited anxiously for their reaction... My phone rang. They absolutely loved it!

Flashback to 2008; I graduated with a Bachelors in Architecture from the American University of Beirut. I immediately joined our family business - where we had embarked on a fascinating project to design and build the first floating island in the world. 

So, in essence, design has always been a part of my life.  Yet, the twins' necklace opened a whole new world of charms for me, and gave me the confidence to start my own line of personalized jewelry: SOIR 

What I love most about jewelry is that it is handed down within families, generation to generation And, not only does it have an everlasting value, but more importantly, it holds a special meaning. It can be a reminder of the person who gifted it to us, a piece our grandmother used to wear, or a celebration of a beautiful memory. 

I believe that each jewelry piece should tell a story. So, when a piece is specially and uniquely crafted with a clear and pure intention; its value becomes even more priceless given the meaning it holds within.

This is what makes my brand unique. I invite you to feel the emotion behind a meticulously crafted necklace. Listen to the story a pair of earrings is telling you. When you share your story with me, knowing that the final jewel you are offering your loved one is a little piece of your heart in gold. 

In my blog, I share stories that inspire me, and beautiful things that I believe make this world a wonderful place. 

Lots of Love,